Abet Publishing is a multimedia publishing company. It is our goal to create products that provide entertainment and information to our viewers. Our approach to publishing is not dependent on a single format or technology—rather, we strive with every title to preserve the essential elements of the work created by the author, artist, or teacher. Our viewers often apprize us for the quality of our products.

Abet Publishing exists to inspire, support independent self-expression in the world.

The mission of Abet Publishing is to find creative artists, teachers, and to produce, publish their work, with beauty, intelligence, and integrity. Throughout the years, Abet Publishing has developed a three essential guiding philosophy, Integrity of our purpose, the well-being of our people, and the maintaining of healthy profits.

We treat our authors, vendors, and partners in the same way we would want to be treated. All three of these priorities are important in the decisions we make as a company. We work flexibly and efficiently together to create a cooperative, loving environment that honors respectful authenticity and individual growth. We maintain a healthy level of profitability so that we are an independent and sustainable employee-owned organization. It is our conviction all of three elements must be healthy for the company to prosper as a whole.

Audio Books and Learning Courses.

Abet Publishing creates interactive audio learning courses, providing everything needed for comprehensive study in a single download —usually featuring a thorough study guide or workbook, practices, audio download with chapters beautifully designed cards and charts for reference, and other support tools. We are in search for original titles featuring teachers who present their own ideas, in their own words about a spiritual journey, meditation, psychology, creativity, health and healing, self-discovery, relationships, and more.


Abet Publishing offering a very unique and eclectic variety of genres. From world music, classical to cutting-edge electronica, acoustic, ambient, chill mood, rock, and alternative. We are highly driven by a passion for exceptional quality music. ABET Publishing is proud to be the launching pad for many talented and diverse artists.

We are committed to supporting artists who are looking to create a body of musical work intended to be listened to and experienced as an album, or a Single, and to find ways for our artists’ music to be heard and experienced.

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