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Photographic Journey

Each collection in the Photographic Journeys series tells its own story of these unique places. From the white sand beaches of Croatia to the candle-lit halls of the Notre Dame Cathedral, you will be astounded by the realism and magic of these earthly treasures.

Photographic Journey goes beyond the ordinary. You will feel the chanting of French monks reverberate in your bones and feel the soft California winds caressing your skin as you are immersed in some of the most special, magical places on the planet.

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Voice Methods

“Voice Methods” is a group of programs dedicated to using your voice for the most effective communication you can possibly have. It gives you Methods to improve your pronunciation, your articulation and your vocal power.

You can improve your Accent and give yourself the perfect “Standard American Accent” You can give yourself a Speaking Voice that commands attention and respect. Or you can learn what many, many people secretly want. To be a confident Singer, that brings joy to yourself and the people who hear you.

Learn a foreign Accent. Maybe an English Accent, or an Irish Dialect how about a French accent or there is always a, U.S. Southern accent or the continental Italian Accent.

These are just a few of the exciting things you will learn and enjoy using the “Voice Methods” by Bob and Claire Corff from the world famous Corff Voice Studios.

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Venice Beach

We invite you to travel on a Photographic Journey to Venice Beach – find the deeper side of Venice Beach and discover what the Drum Circle is really about.

This app reveals the story behind Venice Beach and the Drum Circle. Whether or not you’ve actually been to Venice Beach, this app will let you experience, for the first time, the striking photos of its sandy coast, thrilling attractions, enchanting music, and the fascinating history behind its Venetian roots.

Venice Beach Boardwalk is known for its shops, attractions, bodybuilders, the Drum Circle, and street performers that do unimaginable things to blow your mind. Our Journey showcases this beachfront community in all its glory, and explores the Drum Circle from an insider’s point of view.

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Travel Croatia with this innovative app that combines photography, travel and history into an exciting journey any user would love to experience. Here, you will visit the amazing waterfalls of Znacajni Krajobraz Slunjcica (“waterland”), travel through some of Croatia’s National Parks such as Plitvicka Jezera National Park and Krka National Park, visit the historic cities of Trogir and Split, and see what makes the Brac and Vis islands so inviting to tourists."

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park app will carry you through the landscape to some of the most iconic sights in the park, such as Echo Canyon, Weeping Rock, Virgin River, and Observation Point. Journey into deep, dark slot canyons carved by thousands of years of flowing water, and to the top of vast plateaus overlooking an ancient vista.

Explore 150 million years of geology come to life between the highest peaks and lowest valleys in the park, and be amazed at the unique biodiversity of Zion, which sits at the confluence of four major ecological habitats.


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