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Download files are zip compressed and must be unzipped, audio course download include M4B audio file with chapters, and PDF booklet, these files are fully compatible with iTunes, Mac & PC computers, iPads, iPhones, iPods and many MP3 Players.

I have submitted a sample for clearance. What happens next?

A sample normally infringes 2 copyrights:
1) That of the composer of the original work
2) That of the Master owner (normally the record company)
The composer has to be happy with how you have used the work. If the composer approves then you will have to warrant that there are no other samples, or if there are that you will be solely responsible for clearing them.

Can I submit a demo for consideration?

Yes, only if your submitting a none published work meaning you have not manufactured your recording and you have not posted your music online.

Do you grant gratis requests?

As a responsible music publisher we have an obligation to our writers, and the catalogues we administer, to represent their interests in a professional manner. We receive gratis requests daily, and due to the amount of time involved in researching, securing third party approvals, and licensing, we find it necessary to charge an administration fee. (no less than $75.00)

How can I find out if you control the publishing rights to a song?

Contact us

How can I find out the writer(s) of a specific song?

If the composition is not ours, check with your local performance society. (BMI, ASCAP)

How do I clear a sample?

• Please send us the new song as an MP3 telling us which sample you have used and where in your new song it appears (please provide clock reference).
• Send us a copy of the song without the sample.
• Send us a copy of the actual sample used and tell us where you got it from.

How do I obtain a licence?

Once you have decided which track(s) you intend to use then we will ask you to complete a Music Request Form. This serves as an application. This will give us a better understanding of how you intend to use the music and help us decide whether or not we can permit the use. We will also ask the Artist for approval. It is very important that you give us as much information as possible at this stage so that we, and the artist/composer, can make a well informed decision.

How long will it take to clear a song for licensing?

Depending on the song and the nature of the request, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, or perhaps longer, to clear a song.

How much will a licence cost?

We do not have a ‘fixed’ price for licensing a song. This is because there are many variables that will contribute to our decision. Any quotation that we give takes into consideration (amongst other factors) the rights required and the budget you are working with.

I am a student film maker will I be able to obtain a free licence?

We try to support student film makers where possible. However, we are in the business of representing artists/composers who rely on their music as a primary source of income and we have to represent their interests. If you have a limited music budget then we would look to you for a proposed fee. An administration fee may also be applicable.

I want to use a composition as part of a performance do I need to obtain permission?

Yes. If you are using a composition as part of a dramatic performance then you will need to apply for permission. An example of a dramatic performance could be using one or more compositions as part of a story, or plot. This could be accompanied or unaccompanied by dialogue, dance, pantomime or stage action. For a dramatic performance you would need to apply for a Grant Rights licence. You can do this by completing our Music Request Form.

I want to record and release a cover

In the US + Europe you may record a cover subject to paying the statutory mechanical licence in the territory. BUT you may not change the arrangement, music or lyrics. This would breach the Copyright, Designs and Patents and also infringe up on the moral rights of the composer(s). The composer(s) do need to be properly credited as well as the Publishers. Apply here for Credit Information

I am performing cover versions live. Do I need permission?

If you are performing in the US you don’t need to obtain permission. It is the venue you are performing at that will need to obtain a licence. The venue will also be responsible for providing with the details of whose songs have been performed. but all venues with live music in the US need to have a licence.


There are many different licenses, dependent on the usage required. What is Licensing? Licensing involves an end user requiring the right to use the copyrights we control in a product they are creating. The general principal is the end user should declare their intended use of the material and that declaration enables us to ascertain what type of license is required. If you need any guidance please check the ‘FAQ’ section. Licensing is normally a b2b transaction and will invariably involve a fee being levied by the publisher. If you simply wish to play music either in a live performance or in a private function please consult the HarryFox website as they are the professional body that deal with the performance right. If you wish to put music onto a sound product, such as a CD, please consult the HarryFox website who are the professional body that deal with the mechanical right.

Should you wish to license any Abet Publishing product please Contact us.


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