Avo Celebrate New Life

AVO Celebrate New Life

Pop Instrumental, cinematic, influenced by the 60s Motown and European (French, Italian) melodies.

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5th Element

5th Element Blue Rain Listen on Apple Music

Blue Rain

5th Element Blue Rain Single Listen on Apple Music

Blue Rain (single)

Earth, air, water, fire and music is the fifth element of life. It is the essential environment in which all four elements come together. It is the composite entity that redefines the universe.

Powered by the Soul-stirring vocals of Lynne Walton, 5th Element brings together instruments of international appeal coupled with lyrics that a person of any age can relate to. In addition to the aura which fifth elements work provides, they bring emotions, and thoughts together from worlds so far apart.

Genre: Electronic.

5th Element Blue Rain Madness (Lyrics)

Chanson du Soir

Chanson du Soir Melancholie et Espoir Listen on Apple Music

Melancholie et Espoir

Chanson du Soir is comprised of soprano Chelsea Camille and classical guitarist David Isaacs. Established in 2005, the Southern California natives, have quickly garnered national recognition as a premier guitar and voice duo by being featured artists on concert series throughout the United States.

Genre: Classical, Traditional.

Chill Mood

Chill Mood White Range Listen on Apple Music

White Range

Chill Mood September Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Voyager Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Dandelion Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Noel Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Hawaiian Treasure Listen on Apple Music

Hawaiian Treasure

Chill Mood Strings Attached Listen on Apple Music

Strings Attached

Chill Mood Until We Meet Again Listen on Apple Music

Until We Meet Again

Chill Mood Joy Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Dream Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood My Heart Cries For You Listen on Apple Music

My Heart Cries For You

Chill Mood Premonition Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Cafe Lori Listen on Apple Music

Café Lori

Chill Mood Blue Swan Listen on Apple Music

Blue Swan

Chill Mood Rain Drops Listen on Apple Music

Rain Drops

Chill Mood Carmel By The Sea Listen on Apple Music

Carmel By The Sea

Chill Mood Connect Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Venice Beach Listen on Apple Music

Venice Beach

Chill Mood Heart of Zion Listen on Apple Music

Heart of Zion

Chill Mood Nights In Split Listen on Apple Music

Nights In Split

Chill Mood Holidays Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Sanctuary Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Stigma wet mix Listen on Apple Music

Stigma (wet mix)

Chill Mood Stigma Listen on Apple Music


Chill Mood Premonition Cover Artwork

Surreal Conceptual Cover Artwork Photography and Graphic Design.

Visit: Graphic Design 8

Edwin Rivera

Edwin Rivera Soul of A Dancer Listen on Apple Music

Soul of A Dancer

“This album was created for dancers all over the world. Everyone knows how to dance; it just takes the right kind of sound to bring out the Soul of a Dancer.” –Edwin Rivera

In the world of dance and music Edwin Rivera has become a name to remember. This inspirational young man is a role model for young people about overcoming adversity, remembering your roots, and escaping the chains of where you were born. Using his life as an example he is showing the world how strength, hard work, and determination can lead you to your dreams.

Genre: Latin, Salsa, Cha Cha, Hip-Hop. 


Effusion Love single Listen on Apple Music

Love (single)

Effusion The Sun Will Shine Again Listen on Apple Music

The Sun Will Shine Again

Effusion Downtown single Listen on Apple Music

Downtown (single)

Effusion How I Feel Listen on Apple Music

How I Feel

Effusion Mystery Listen on Apple Music


Effusion Impulse Listen on Apple Music


Effusion Blue Illusions Listen on Apple Music

Blue Illusions

Exotic world music flavors with breathy haunting vocals and dark sensual tracks, spacey guitar sprinkled with synths before giving way to a passionate sax passage.

Genre: Music a la mode.

Effusion Call of the north wind

Madam Cox

Madam Cox Ecstasy Listen on Apple Music


Madam Cox Fuk Track Listen on Apple Music

Fuk Track

When night shrouds the earth, Madam Cox leaves home to entertain people. After a short drive, I pull into the club’s lot. Spiked heel to pavement, I take the doorman’s offered hand and grin, “Are you ready for the show?”

I continue forward with a brazen array of brass behavior. Hips thumping to the beat as my toes hit the floor. I step onto the platform as an energetic sexual hum vibrates and pulses in the air. The atmosphere caresses my body and my body, in turn, moves the air into an erotic whirl of movement.

Genre: Electronica Erotica.

[explicit lyrics]

Fuk Track


Pirates of New Providence

Down Among The Dead Men Listen on Apple Music

Down Among The Dead Men

Mood-producing songs for a Celtic-pirate-ballad-loving audience. An unusual set of mostly rare tunes that one might hear at a Renaissance Fair, some somber, some rollicking, all well performed –Tom Behrens”

Genre: Folk, Drinking Songs.


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